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Absolute Black Granite Countertops in Oman For the Kitchen

Absolute Black Granite

Among the many granite options available, Absolute Black Granite suppliers in Oman stand out for its timeless beauty and usefulness. Absolute Black Granite Countertops are a symbol of elegance and luxury in kitchens.

Benefits of Choosing Absolute Black Granite Countertops in Oman

Here are the benefits of choosing Absolute Black Granite Countertops in Oman:

  1. Durability:
    Absolute Black Granite suppliers in Oman are exceptionally durable, easily resisting scratches, heat, and stains. It is the perfect option for busy kitchens were preparing food and cooking are regular tasks.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal:
    The deep, rich color and uniform texture of Absolute Black Granite in Oman add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen. It enhances the overall look by blending with traditional and modern design schemes.
  3. Easy Maintenance:
    Unlike other countertop materials requiring regular sealing and unique cleaning products, Absolute Black Granite countertops are relatively low maintenance. Routine cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient to keep them looking pristine.

How to Choose the Right Absolute Black Granite Suppliers in Oman for Your Kitchen?

Color and Veining:

Consider the color and veining patterns when selecting an Absolute Black Granite kitchen. While Absolute Black Granite is known for its uniform color, variations in veining and speckling can occur. Choose a slab that complements the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and matches your design preferences.


Absolute Black Granite countertops are typically available in thicknesses ranging from 2cm to 3cm. Thicker slabs offer added durability and presence but may come at a higher cost. Consider your budget and design preferences when selecting the thickness of your granite slab.

Finish Options:

Absolute Black Granite countertops come in polished, honed, and leathered finishes. Polished offers a glossy, reflective surface, honed presents a smooth, matte appearance, and leather provides a textured, matte surface ideal for hiding fingerprints and water spots. Choose the finish that suits your kitchen design and lifestyle.

Installation Process of Absolute Black Granite Countertops in Oman

  1. Pre-installation Preparation:
    Accurate measurements are taken, and existing countertops are removed. Base cabinets are inspected to ensure they can support the weight of the granite.
  2. Installation Steps:
    Granite slabs are positioned on base cabinets and secured with adhesive. Seams are sealed for a seamless surface, and adjustments are made for a perfect fit.

Tips for Maintaining Absolute Black Granite Countertops in Oman

  1. Daily Cleaning Routine
    Wipe the countertops with a soft cloth or sponge, mild soap, and water after each use to remove spills and crumbs. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.
  2. Preventing Stains and Scratches
    Use cutting boards and trivets to protect the granite surface from scratches and heat damage. Promptly clean up spills, especially acidic substances, to prevent staining.

Cost Considerations and Budgeting Tips

Determine your budget beforehand and consider factors such as Kitchen size and thickness to stay within your financial means. For the best deal, evaluate quotations from several vendors and contractors.


Absolute Black Granite countertops in Oman are a timeless choice for Kevaygroup any kitchen remodel as they’re easy to take care of, stylish, and lasting. Absolute Black Granite’s beauty and usefulness can be enjoyed for many years if you care for it properly.


Are Absolute Black Granite countertops prone to chipping or cracking?
Absolute Black Granite is highly durable and resistant to chipping and cracking under normal use. However, excessive force or impact can cause damage, so it’s essential to handle it with care.

Do Absolute Black Granite countertops require sealing?
While Absolute Black Granite is relatively low maintenance, it’s a good idea to seal the surface periodically to help prevent staining and maintain its luster.

Can I place hot pots and pans directly on Absolute Black Granite countertops?
Absolute Black Granite is heat-resistant, but it’s always best to use trivets or hot pads to protect the surface from direct heat, which can potentially cause discoloration or damage.

How often should I clean my Absolute Black Granite countertops?
It’s recommended to wipe down Absolute Black Granite countertops with mild soap and water after each use to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. A more thorough cleaning can be done weekly or as needed.

Are Absolute Black Granite countertops suitable for outdoor kitchens or areas with high moisture levels?
While Absolute Black Granite is durable and weather-resistant, prolonged exposure to moisture and outdoor elements can affect its appearance and longevity. It’s best suited for indoor use in kitchens and bathrooms.

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