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Black Marble Stone

Kevay Group offers Black Galaxy Granite, an exceptional choice for modern kitchens. With its polished sheets, it can be used for kitchen countertops, table tops, & wall cladding, adding an elegant touch to your home. The premium range of Absolute Black Granite Countertops comes in stunning patterns, suitable for various surfaces like kitchens, bathrooms, & more.

Apart from its appealing looks, Black Galaxy Granite is highly durable and robust. It is an ideal stone for any household due to its long-lasting nature. Many people use Black Galaxy Marble for flooring and wall tiles, while Absolute Black Granite countertops are particularly popular.

The marble is usually black, with the small golden and white flecks quarried in India. It is commonly known for its stain-free merits. Hence, The demand for this magnificent Black Galaxy Granite for homes is high. Also, it offers both beauty & functionality. Installing the Black Galaxy Granite Kitchen can be one of the best decisions.

The Black Galaxy Granite Price can vary depending on the supplier, However, we provide pocket-friendly prices. Additionally, the stone comes with an elegant finish. Besides, it is heat-resistant, has smooth edges, & is easy to clean regularly. 

Overall, Black Galaxy Granite is a highly recommended choice for its shine and aesthetically pleasing appeal.

Quality Variants Available

We acknowledge the requirement of Absolute Black Granite across offices, industries, and households. Keep all the required possibilities in mind, our granite comes in 3 varieties:

  • Premium Quality: Premium quality Black Galaxy Granite can help in making kitchen slabs and regular home fittings.
  • Standard Quality: Standard quality helps fulfill the basic dream of having a flamboyant indoor.
  • Commercial Quality: Commercial quality is the best suitable for the workplace like offices and industries.

Sizes Available With Us

In our quarry, we house Black Galaxy Marble in the form of rough blocks, from where the granite gets cut as per the requirement of the customer. Moreover, you can approach us along with the requirements, and we will be happy to show you the regular options available

The following size options are available with us;

  • Black Galaxy Gangsaw Slabs – 300 cm x 220 cm
  • Black Galaxy Cutter Size Slabs – 180 cm to 350 cm length x 60 cm to 105 cm width.
  • Black Galaxy Granite Short Size – The Granite short-size cuts are available in the following variants;
    •  90 cm up to 180 cm x 60 to 100 cm; and
    •   90 cm to 120 x 60 to 100 cm
  • Black Galaxy Granite Cut to Sizes – 60×30, 60×60 x 120×60, and 40×40 are the ones available with us. All the size variants are available in the thickness of 1cm, 2cm, and 3cm, respectively.
  • Black Galaxy Granite Thickness-When it comes to Black Galaxy Granite thickness, the sizes of 2 cm, 3 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, and 20 cm are all available upon order. We believe in providing customized thicknesses as per your requirements.

Black Galaxy Granite Prices

Black Galaxy Granite Price Per Sq Ft in Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam varies depending on the quality required. The smaller the size of the granite, the lesser will be the cost. Contact us to know more details on the quality, sizing, and pricing

Applications of Black Galaxy Granite

As the Black Galaxy Granite Marble comes in a variety of quality, used for making different things. Below are some of the Black Galaxy Granite for Home:

  • Black Galaxy Granite For Kitchen Countertops

The prominent use of the Black Galaxy Granite Countertops. It makes the countertop durable with its high quality.

  • Black Galaxy Marble Stairs

Installing black Galaxy Granite on the stairs will enhance the beauty of the house. The Indian Black Galaxy Tiles that are being used here are 2 to 3mm thick with a lustrous finish.

  • Galaxy Marble For Flooring

While not everyone utilizes galaxy marble for flooring, the final outcome is undeniably breathtaking. The size and thickness of the galaxy stone granite used for flooring are tailored to fit the specific area of the house.

  • Black Galaxy Tile For the Bathroom

Another use of the stone galaxy is for the bathroom. One uses the tiles for the flooring or for the wall of the bathroom, to give the aesthetic and royal look to their bathing space.

  • Galaxy Marble For Wall Cap

The Galaxy Black marble is used for the wall cap, to make the outer look of the home attractive. However, the Black Galaxy Granite Price can vary on the type you are choosing.

  • Galaxy Marble For Garden

The best quality galaxy stone is the best and unique stone. It adds to the beauty and enhances the aesthetics of the garden.

  • Galaxy Granite Stone Wall Cladding

The Black Star Galaxy Granite Worktop is a highly favored building material for both exterior and interior wall cladding. Its key characteristic lies in the long-lasting and permanent color and texture it possesses.

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